Registration to COSIT 2017 is now open.

Early-bird rates will be accessible until June 30, 2017 July 8, 2017 (Extended).

» Registration Fees

At COSIT 2017 we distinguish between 3 types of attendees (industry, regular academic, and student) and 3 types of tickets:

Ticket type A – Conference + Workshop/Tutorial
includes the registration to both the satellite events and the main conference
Ticket type B – Conference Only
only includes the registration to the main conference
Ticket type C – Workshop/Tutorial Only
only includes the registration to satellite events

The two tables below summarize the registration fees for COSIT 2017 and explain what is included in each Ticket Type. Further below you find instructions on how to register, how to access reduced fees (students and AICA members), and how to buy extra tickets for the conference dinner.

Conference Fees
(until July 8, 2017)
(from July 9, 2017)
IndustryType A€ 700€ 850
Type B€ 600€ 700
Type C€ 200€ 250
AcademicType A€ 530€ 650
Type B€ 500€ 600
Type C€ 150€ 200
StudentType A€ 300€ 350
Type B€ 250€ 300
Type C€ 100€ 120
What is included in each Ticket Type?
 Type AType BType C
Ticket for satellite event: 1 full-day or 2 half-day1No1
Ticket for main conference11No
Ticket for doctoral colloquium11No
Welcome bag111
USB stick with main conference proceedings 111
Workshop&poster proceedings111
Welcome reception111
Conference dinner11No
Transportation to/from conference dinnerYesYesNo
Coffee breaks862

» Accessing Student Fees

Student fees are code-protected (this code is not to be confused with the discount code). This means that, after clicking the button “Register Now” located at the bottom of the registration page on EventZilla, you will be asked to unlock student tickets by entering a code.

In order to access student fees, send an email to indicating your studentship (undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D.) and affiliation. After verifying your student status we will provide you the code to unlock the student fees.

» AICA Members

AICA Members are entitled to 10% discount on the regular academic fees. To access the discount, you have to insert a discount code during the registration process (located below the list of fees on the registration page on EventZilla). To get the discount code, send an email to providing evidence of membership to AICA.

» Additional Tickets for the Conference Dinner

Are you coming with company? Additional Tickets for the Conference Dinner have been thought for this. After selecting one or more participation tickets from the registration page on EventZilla, you will be given the possibility to purchase additional tickets for the conference dinner.

» How to register

You have two options for registering to COSIT 2017: online registration and desk registration.

To register online, click the following link–registration-2138891931.

You will be redirected to EventZilla, an external registration system. Payment can be carried out either via Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer. Note that payment via bank transfer is only possible until August 15, 2017.

Desk registration takes place at the conference venue. Payment can be carried out either via credit card or cash.